Casino Games That You Simply Cannot Miss If You Love Gambling

In addition to the welcome bonuses, many online casinos give you free spins on one or more video slots. One high roller online casino gives you 10, the other 20, the other 50 or even 100. Often you can click these free spins in your own account, sometimes you see the free spins ready when you open the corresponding video slot. A free spin bonus in an online casino can give a great start for your adventure. You can continue playing with every penny you win and you can win even bigger prizes. Payments often cannot be made immediately. For that you first have to complete the ‘wagering’ with the money won. We clearly explain this further down the page. Are you a fan of free spin bonuses? Pay particular attention to notifications in your account or in your mailbox. An online casino often distributes free spin bonuses to players on a weekly, daily or monthly basis.

Free Money Bonus

It always worked in life that you look at your account and suddenly see that you have received free money. Unfortunately this does not apply to our bank accounts, but sometimes it does apply to your casino account. When you register with anbuzz casino, some online casinos reward you with free play money. Yes you read it right: you do not have to pay anything, but just get money from the casino to play with. Sometimes there are restrictions on the free play bonus. For example, you may not exceed a certain bet and you must first complete the wagering before you can pay it. That can sometimes take some time, but ah: you got it for free! The free play bonus is a well-known phenomenon in online casinos for Dutch players. They often return once a week, once every two weeks or once a month.

Casino Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is actually similar to a welcome bonus, but in this case you get the bonus when you have been playing at the casino for a while. The reload bonus can be a very attractive bonus for a casino player. You will receive a percentage of your deposit on top of your deposit. A deposit of 100 euros will therefore be 150 euros for a 50% reload bonus, or 175 euros for a 75% reload bonus. Through these bonuses, casinos naturally encourage you to deposit money, but it can be just the bonus you need to take that big profit. Many casinos only offer reload bonuses to VIP players who play for large amounts. However, that is not the case everywhere. Casinos with attractive reload bonuses, which are also regularly offered, are certainly good to play longer!

Loyalty Bonuses

An online casino appreciates it if you are loyal. That is why they often give big rewards for their loyal players. For example, you build Loyalty Points at many casinos. You accrue these Loyalty Points through your deposits or through the number of games you play. Your number of points determines your status within the casino. If you are a modest player, you can convert your Loyalty points into free spins, free play money or bonuses. Are you one of the ‘big guys’ in the casino then you get a VIP status. With that VIP status you get the best travel offered, you get the best deals from the casino and no joke, it is possible that the casino steers a Ferrari in your direction. Get the first ideas for the same from online casino news now.